We would like to express our deepest condolences and sympathy to those affected by the recent series of earthquakes that hit Lombok.

As a community of leaders in Sustainability, we aim at making a positive impact. We come together to support local initiatives on the ground in Lombok. We invite you to support them as well and share this page with your followers and network.

These are just a few local organizations that have vowed to help in recovery efforts.

We invite you to mention BGreener For Lombok as the comment when sending donations so we can track our impact and report to the community. @bgreener_ #bgreenerforlombok


To make a donation, you can choose to use these two following link:

FundRazr.com or Kitabisa.com


  • Bintang Sejahtera who have been sending out supplies, food, etc to the villages badly hit by the earthquake in north Lombok.

BANK Account details:

Bank: MANDIRI a.n. SYAWALUDIN Account: 1610004415787


Bank: BCA a.n. SYAWALUDIN Account: 0561259126


  • Agung Siaga Relief Charity will fund shelters, provide clean water & food, toilets and education workshops for the post-earthquake coping strategies.

PAYPAL Address:


Bank : BCA KCP Ubud
Account : 1350461431
Name: Kusumorini Susanto
Swift Code: CENAIDJA



  • Nazava water filters by Social Impakt.  These filters have been extensively used in disaster relief situations. You can use well, rain, tap, river water and make it drinkable with the Nazava water filters.

Bank: Permata bank    Account: 4110625524  a/n: Jeroen Eric Van Overbeek


  • Kopernik is delivering much-needed shelter kits such as tarps, tents, shovels and crowbars to families affected by the earthquake. You can also transfer your donation directly to our Indonesian bank account.

Click here to donate through their website


Bank: Bank Mandiri
Branch: KCP Ubud 14510
Account Name: Yayasan Kopernik
Account No: 145-00-1804889-8


  • Harapan Baru or “New Hope for Lombok” in English. They support deprived families so they can create a better future for themselves and their children.

Click here to donate through their website



  • Peduli Anak Care for Children. Basic needs can be directly delivered to the Child Care Foundation, Langko Village, Lingsar, West Lombok.

Donate via www.pedulianak.org 

Donation from Indonesia: https://kitabisa.com/pedulianakgempa


Bank: BCA Account: 0560865333 a / n YAY PEDULI ANAK